Robert Winter

I’m a technical leader and engineer with 14 years experience from DevOps, development, architecture and leadership roles. I have built startups and scaled organizations as a CTO, CEO and manager. My grandma's neighbour taught us kids programming on the Amiga 500. Since then my career in tech has allowed me to gain a strong understanding of modern software development, cloud, container technologies, Kubernetes, software security, leadership, SaaS startups and regulations like the GDPR. I have long experience of the open source ecosystem, having built a vendor company in the CNCF and cloud native ecosystem and developed open source software based on Kubernetes. I also have domain experience in regulated industries like healthcare and financial services. I enjoy an environment where I can combine my passion for technology, people and business. I’m driven, social and love taking initiatives and driving improvement. I have a proven track record of enabling great teams and take pride in doing an excellent job. I put a lot of emphasis on culture and care for individuals, sometimes to a fault.Having worked both on the technical and business side, I have a good understanding of the reasons for technology to exist (aka business requirements) and easily communicate with different stakeholders. I also love learning, am an avid reader and a co-founder of both the Cloud Native Northern Sweden and Umeå Machine Learning meetups.