An insight ecosystem

Our mission is to empower the accounting industry with analytics that increase quality insights and the speed of delivery.

Right now are focusing on helping auditors and accountants extract and review financial data. For this and further use cases we have developed an analytics platform we call "Link".

Link is built by user experience and analytics experts and delivered as Software as a Service, using modern web application technologies on top of a highly scalable and secure cloud platform.

Read more at Links website (in Swedish).

About us

We are headquartered in Umeå, Sweden, part of a thriving tech community and supported by Uminova Innovation.

We believe in developing products that are easy to use and efficient. That's why we put a lot of effort into user experience and designing solutions that deliver value quickly.

Our team has a background in data analysis, accounting, auditing and cloud-based IT services.

We are looking for talents that share our beliefs and want to be part of building a modern, innovative SaaS solution.

Alexander Ögren

CEO & Product Owner

Erik Dahlberg

Back-end Developer

Adam Bylund

Front-end Developer

Hedvig Björklund

Front-end Developer

Robert Winter


Mikael Olsson

Front-end Developer

Johan Jonsson

Back-end Developer

Isak Forslund

Quality Assurance

Emil Hallberg

Front-end Developer

Henrik Frienholt

Head of Sales

Jonny Jakobsson

Data Engineer
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